We are renovating for you. We work for a better game. Soon you will have a very entertaining game. There may be some mistakes. Please report the errors by commenting.

About Agariot

is a browser-based online game. The main idea of this game is simplicity. No download and registration required. You just click and play. Instant immersion into the gameplay.

In the game you are born as the small living cell on the map and your objective is try to get to the top of the list by gaining mass and competing with hundreds of players.Eat the mass, eat other players, be the strongest and the biggest. This is not just a top-1, this is real domination!

Why Agariot is better than agar?

Chat, communication. You are no longer playing the with silent dots on your screen like in agar, these are the real players. br>
No cheats, hacks, unfair skins, bots. The administration is keenly watching the gameplay. All dishonest players will be banned! agar without cheating, only in Agariot!